The eternal journey of the soul, in the words of composer and pianist Merlin, is what best describes the feeling behind her new instrumental studio record.

Charting a soundscape that fuses raga influenced melodic lines, Indian rhythm patterns, groovy arrangements and oodles of fluid piano work, Soul Yatra also features guest performances by the likes of Taufeeq Quereshi, Rakesh Chaurasia, Mukul Dongre, Karl Peters, and Vivienne Pocha.



‘Amantran’ (View Now…), the opening track, starts with an evocative chant and explores a morning raga (Bairagi) in a sinuous duet of piano and flute amidst shifting time signatures.
The title track, ‘Soul Yatra’ (View Now…), eases into an ambient space with the ebb and flow of operatic vocals and veena-like strains.
‘Mast’ (View Now…) embraces raga Bhimpalasi and more with punchy basslines and rhythms, while the jhaptal and rupak time signatures of ‘Rain’ (View Now…) give it a lingering cadence.
The upbeat ‘Tu Hi tu’ is the only lyrical track on the otherwise mostly instrumental album. Reflective, playful and exciting, the album draws from different moods for its musical architecture. Inspiration drawn from ragas and Merlin’s own experience as a western classical pianist as well as her foray into jazz marks her oeuvre, where technique fuses with feeling.
Soul Yatra signals the next passage in her musical journey as she invites the audience to tune in and listen.

Merlin was part of ‘Koshish’, a world fusion band and performed in their debut album ‘Ankahi’. The ensemble that contributed to the album consisted of Merlin de Souza, Aneesh Pradhan, Brennon Denfer, Benoni Soans, Sudhir Nayak, Murad Ali and was led by Shubha Mudgal. View Now…


Merlin and Asif Ali Beg formed the duo ‘Mantra’. Their Hindi-pop album achieved success on the pop charts with tracks such as ‘Panchatantra’ and ‘Jantar Mantar’. View Now…


Merlin composed & produced ‘Miss India’ for Mehnaz with BMG Crescendo (currently known as Sony BMG). ‘Miss India’ was Mehnaz’s debut album and the song of the same name was extremely popular with the youth. View Now…


Merlin’s Soul Yatra was the first ever Asian band invited to perform internationally as Jazz Ambassadors for Hennessey X.O. on their world renowned jazz tour. View Now…


Mantra (Merlin & Asif) composed and produced this album with two leading young singers, Sachin & Avni. The album was dedicated for various Kenyan causes.


Performed, arranged and produced by Merlin Dsouza and Rhys Sebastian. View Now…